All Eryxma clients deserve a full explanation and disclosure of internal events here at Eryxma as of late. As some of you may know, "Joe Shiekron" is the CEO of Eryxma but has shown a lack of responsibility and concern for the operation of this company. I've been trying to lead this company in the right direction and have been involved for over a year now in the operation and management of the company, a lot of it has been behind the scenes or in our helpdesk. Some of you know that I was also the server administrator of Cyberwings - I came on board to Eryxma shortly after Cyberwings went tits up because I was desperately seekign employment, thanks to Shawn White (currently in federal prison for wire fraud), and I've known for some time that I've made a similar mistake in choosing to partner with Joe Shiekron, who's real name is Josuee Ortiz, currently 18 years old. I sure know how to pick 'em dont I? Anyhow, he employed a fake name so as to hide any connection to his failed hosting company called Tacidblue (search WHT and you can read all about his handle "Shang"). He abandoned the responsibility towards his clients and their paid contracts when his host cut him off for excessive usage of his reseller account. He was probably 15-16 and I had no connections with him at that time, but employed with Rackshack (EV1Servers) for 18 months, followed by working at home for Cyberwings for 6 months, maintaining Shawn's servers, handling support, and setting up accounts at ridiculous prices (anybody remember the AYW's and 5x Zaps? ) That was some brilliant business sense wasn't it? I was still gaining experience and did not have as much control with that company as I do here. I warned Shawn of his ridiculous business model regularly but I don't think I really realized at the time that maybe he knew what he was really doing - a quick scam operation to make money).

Anyways, unfortunately within the past week, we've been in a virtual standstill here at Eryxma - Josuee was in the process of a move, I was having serious Internet problems here at the house (RoadRunner is a nightmare for the uninitiated), and our other employee Matt was on a vacation -- this basically left the company virtually unmanned for about a week, which regrettfully has put Eryxma and our valued clients in a very precarious position. Meanwhile I am having a very difficult time with communicating with Joe to even coordinate a cohesive response to the situation, nor do I have much confidence that he is serious about getting the outstanding problems resolved. I've also been blocked from the servers by Josuee, so I am now unable to assist in restoring order to our outstanding issues. Joe has blocked everyone but himself and I dont see that he's prepared or even concerned with dealing with the accumulating client support issues adequately. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Simply put, I cannot work with this kid anymore, the frustration has taken its toll and our business relationship is pretty much finished as far as I'm concerned. I'm fed up with the way he handles situations, that he's truly a compulsive liar, and generally thinks of Eryxma as some sort of hobby or merely a means to provide for himself. The necessary level of responsibility is NOT there and everyone sees it. I apologize sincerely for the problems our clients at Eryxma are currently facing, but I've tried the best I could and feel that now there is no choice but to absolve my responsibility of the company, as this company does belong to Josuee Ortiz and not me (even though I'm pretty much responsible for the majority of day to day operations.) I see the potential but I can't work with the partner. I've given the kid more patience than anyone can possibly imagine. Robert Hinojosa was a former partner of the company and he finally had enough of Josuee a few months ago and left to form Glexicon - I consider Robert a close friend to this day and he is honest and of good character. I may be involved with his company in the future and would certainly hope any Eryxma clients who see the writing on the wall, consider following suit. I do love Eryxma but as with Cyberwings, things are out of my control and I'm making the tough decision to cut my losses and bail before it gets really hairy.

And in further interest of full disclosure, I've recently registered the trademark for Eryxma as Josuee never bothered to take care of this at all, so as I understand I have legal ownership of the company name per USPTO regulations, and I also have control over I made these moves because I've had suspicions Josuee intends to sell the company here shortly and I wanted to insure that my personal investment as an unofficial partner here was not denied from me, as I was promised legal partnership status a long time ago but Josuee will not follow through with anything. Our employee Matt left because Josuee lied about a purchase of a laptop for over 2 weeks, gave a fake tracking number, and essentially used one of the best guys Joe and I had working for us - in fact for the year that Matt assisted us he was never once paid by Josuee for his services. Joe's excuse, "I never asked him to help.". Josuee has even failed to file legitly with the IRS this year, and I never received a 1099 for my services which is another reason that I'm choosing to resign. Now it appears Josuee is intent on being underhanded and rebranding the company name instead of working together with me to reach an understanding. This is going to be his option it appears, as he failed to break into my home uninvited 2 days ago, or successfully steal my laptop bag while I was at his house yesterday (under the impression we were going to have an honest discussion regarding the urgent situation). This kid is despicable and I have no qualms with saying so publicly. The bottom line is, I'm unable to deal with the real issue at hand, which is getting this company back on track and assisting each of our clients with any outstanding problems with their service.

I'm not sure if some consider my honesty or straightforwardness to be 'professional', but I'm not too bothered by that -- Eryxma is in trouble and I don't have much confidence that it's going anywhere now that I'm stepping down. I have a variety of contact methods that I can be reached at should anyone have any questions, comments, or advice. I'm sure this is going to cause quite the firestorm just as with CW, only now I'm going to be right smack dab in the middle of it

I can be reached on AIM as parxhelic, or at parxhelic AT

Best regards,

Patrick LaCrosse