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    I have been hosted on since January, and have seen all kinds of different things happening.

    So Here's my story...

    Part One: The setup.

    When I first started at I was one of those n00bs that had never used cpanel before, so I blamed everything on them... something failed and I cursed at them for it failing. I had done that to my previous hosts, so why not now?

    I set up cpanel all wrong... many settings I did not understand and my server just barely kicked out websites.

    After about 3 weeks, I asked them to reformat the drive. The did so, only after waiting 3 days... why did I wait? Because I asked them friday night after they left for the weekend.

    Oops =P

    They reformatted, and I got the sites back up... but something else went wrong when I set it up again. Apache failed every minute or so. Once again, I was at a loss... and butchered them for it. I think I even posted a topic once or twice here...

    At the end of Feb., my rating of was a 2/10 only because their network was fast when it was up.

    From Feb. to March things went smoother, I fixed apache by updating it and things went well... then their network went awry with XO's entrance.

    Their support had greatly improved this time though. They sent me an email stating the exact problem and telling me that they have dedicated technicians working through the weekend trying to solve the problem.

    By tuesday of the following week, the server was running fast again.

    At this point, ran up to 6/10. I was learning plenty about WHM and figured out what settings HAD to be changed when cpanel was first installed. I did that and sites and stuff worked flawlessly.

    Then, I was hacked. My server sent thousands upon thousands of virus-ridden emails to people all over the world, and did little to help out... I sent them an email stating the situation and they completely ignored it. Remind you, their helpdesk was down (and still is interestingly).

    But I didn't sweat it... they don't charge for reformats so what do I care? =P

    I lost 50GB of space in the process... but got everything backed up, and formatted again. I set it up right... and then mail went down..

    What the hell do you care? You want to know about them!

    Right now, their network uptime is great... they have been up for weeks and I have not seen a wink of downtime in between reformats.

    Network: Although only two links (maybe one now?), it is up all the time and works well right now.

    Support: This is a tough one... they have yet to fix their helpdesk... but lately their replies and support have been through the roof in quality. They offered to mount a new hard drive and let me transfer over my stuff in order for my sites to functions.

    What happened there was I screwed up permissions and locked myself out of SSH.

    They could get in, but I could not... and my cpanel license needs a payment so it's suspended right now.

    So they really helpmed me out with that.

    Overall I give a current 9/10.

    It may change, but hopefully for the better and not for worse


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    Thanks for the review, it seems like they're getting better.

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    They are becoming more and more helpful.. I'd recommend them to almost everyone.


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    If they didn't cancel my server for no reason I would give them a good review also because everything went well until they just shut down my server and formated HD

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    Good to know! Thank you for the review.

    Now I am just waiting to hear about the status of their XO line, like whether it is gone, or what might be wrong with it.
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    Whats wrong with "XO" is when the line gets attacked, has to wait 6 to 8 hours for any support from XO to help fight an attack.

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    Originally posted by miakeru
    Good to know! Thank you for the review.

    Now I am just waiting to hear about the status of their XO line, like whether it is gone, or what might be wrong with it.
    XO is there, but down for maintenance. The below topic discusses the issue.

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    So.. to sum up, they have no problem, only you don't know how to setup a site perfectly? It's good to hear such an honest review. I just got my confirmation email from managed too

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    I have been with managed for just about 2 weeks, a bit too early to write anything but here is my perspective....

    * The server is good and during these 2 weeks I did not experience any downtime with there network, I like the speed of the network.

    * I guess as GMoore7 said, when things go wrong as we are humans and our rating with them goes down but we donít post when things are working perfectly.

    I am still scared to hear the horror stories that support tickets are not answered for 3-4 days, I have submitted 3 tickets and things have been fixed within 30-45 mins, It could have been done faster as they were simple things, but and I donít expect them to be any faster..... guys look at the price we are getting the server for.

    I am just using my server for my personal sites, so I guess I wont mind if my site goes down for a couple of hrs, due to some downtime but to be frank this did not happen till date due to, but it was due to my stupid mistake and yes at that time my level went down to 3/10 as I wanted to help me!

    So bottom line is donít get a server from if you donít know how to manage your server its a UN-MANAGED server.

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    I got my server within 5 hours of payment.

    I am now just having a little mess around while i wait for them to install my CPanel key, i will let you know how i get on over this month.

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    I've rented 2 servers. One is for testing purposes and after a week or two messing with it, i've decided to rent a second (clean) one.

    One thing I don't like about it is the partition table. Although it's much safer this way (a full var won't kill the server) it's quite a waste of space for / and /usr. I have no idea how to move /usr to / though and have left it like this for now. If anyne got tip, tell me please.

    Mount Type Partition Percent Capacity Free Used Size 
    / ext2 /dev/hda2  1% 7.23 GB 73.01 MB 7.69 GB 
    /boot ext3 /dev/hda1  9% 65.43 MB 6.60 MB 75.95 MB 
    /var ext3 /dev/hda5  1% 7.19 GB 114.26 MB 7.69 GB 
    /usr ext3 /dev/hda6  3% 7.05 GB 254.94 MB 7.69 GB 
    /tmp ext3 /dev/hda7  3% 927.99 MB 32.05 MB 1011.42 MB 
    /home ext3 /dev/hda8  0% 44.82 GB 32.08 MB 47.25 GB 
    Totals :    1% 67.25 GB 512.94 MB 71.38 GB

    About the service. They're really fast I've noticed.
    My server was setupped in less than 13 hours (i was actually hoping at 48 hours, so I can play with it in the weekend. Quite busy now...)
    I messed up that testingserver and couldn't reboot anymore. The [email protected] email was only sent 4 minutes before I got a mail saying that my server is once again accessible through ssh and can receive ping (they've reconfigured my messed upped networksetting too)

    I asked for the MRTG-graphURL at [email protected] and got it within 2 minutes.

    I also asked if they could change the partition scheme for me, but haven't received any answer on that... probably sent it to the wrong email..

    So for now.. eveyrthing seems fine. I wonder if the payments works out fine

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