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    OS install

    How do you install an OS on a server w/o CD rom or floppy, and if it doesnt have a monitor?

    I know this seems like a 'newb' question, but i wasn't sure what the answer to it was.


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    Some OS's have network install option.
    Just copy files onto hard drive of the new computer from network, and install from there...

    What OS are you trying to install?

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    It was mostly a general question - since i was curious to know what it would involve and if i should be buying a CD rom drive with all my servers.

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    We do network installs at work with solaris machines, a simple "boot net - install" and we have a working sun box in 1 hr with latest patch cluster. It is simple to setup the jumpstart server. We have solaris 8 and 9, freebsd, and gentoo images we load on the sparcs. as a lot of info on setting up a jumpstart server this is of course for sun hardware though.

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    Buy 1 external CD rom drive, and make sure your servers can boot from USB. Then you can use that to boot/install your OS's for all your servers. And if its a CD/DVD burner, you can use it for backups too

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