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    Sales Staff Required

    You will need to have…
    - Good English skills (extra European Languages a bonus)
    - Basic Knowledge with cpanel/whm - features and what it does
    - To be able to respond to our helpdesk’s sales tickets

    You will be responsible for…
    - Finding and negotiating with potential clients
    - Answer any sales related questions
    - Finding and exploring new avenues of sales
    - Marketing the company within your community

    What you get...
    - A corporate personal email address of your choice (pop3/webmail)
    - Bonuses for quotas met and other bonuses from time to time
    - Job can be put on resume
    - Commission based rates of pay.

    What you will be selling…
    - Full range of Internet Hosting packages
    - Email Account Packages
    - Website & Forum Design
    - Forum Installation
    - Website Management Packages

    The commission based system works the following way:
    Junior Sales Position - 30% first month + 10% each consecutive month
    Standard Sales Position - 60% first month + 12% each consecutive month
    Premium Sales Position - 80% first month + 15% each consecutive month
    Assistant Sales Manager $80/mo + 20%

    Junior: This goes to CultureNet’s Junior sales representatives. Those who make from two to five monthly sales are considered junior sales team.
    They will receive 30% commission of the First month payment, as well as 10% extra for the following 11 months.

    Standard: These staff members are usually more committed than the junior sales team. Those who make from six to ten monthly sales are considered standard sales team. They get 60% commission of the First month payment, as well as 12% extra for the following 11 months.

    Premium: More committed than the standard sales team, the premium staff receives extra privileges, as well as a web hosting account for their own web space. Those who make from eleven to fifteen monthly sales are considered premium sales team. They receive 80% commission of the First month payment, as well as 15% extra for the following 11 months.

    Assistant Sales Manager: This would apply to those who really are looking to work on a hardcore basis as there is only one position available. You will receive a monthly stable payment, as well as a monthly commission (20%) for the sale of the packages. To become the Assistant Sales Manager, you will be required to make about sixteen or more sales per month depending on rates of sales. In addition, you will be given full rights to access CultureNet and be given many other privileges.

    For more information please drop me an email.

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