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    Free CPanel like prog. for win 2003??

    Hi all,
    I am getting a dedicated server setup tommarow, my host told me that I would have to provide everything but the OS, he and I kinda know each other now so he graciasly put windows server 2003 on instead of me providing it. But anyway, is there a free or very cheap software pack that is as easy to use and work like CPanel. This is my first dedicated server and I have heard that CPanel is one of the better ones, I just have like $50 a month after bills, gas, server, etc... to spend on stuff such as cigars . I would need something to manage ftp, possible sub-domains in the future, hotlink protection, and general stuff like that.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Dan Crunk

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    Nothing that I really know of. If you are that pressed for money, managing a Windows 2K3 server without a control panel is not incredibly difficult. IIS even has a web-based interface. Plus, you have a nice easy to use "Server Wizard".

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    Do a search for "Windows Control Panel" on the forums and you might find quite a few. You can then choose the one you like the most
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    k, Thanks guys.

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    thanks cMark those look promising

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