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    web stats scripts?

    Anyone got any fav scripts they use for web stats?

    Im looking for something like logitpro which is reliable which we used for a number of years, but outdated.

    I am not interested in webalizer, analog, awstats (IE: stats that cpanel makes) what i mean is scripts that you yourself use either perl or php related etc...

    I already know of Webtrends and it does the job if you want to download your raw logs to your local computer, but thats not what im looking for
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    Here is one you didn't mention: Wusage

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    Thanks for the links, anyone got anymore to add to the list?

    vdaonline: im referencing scripts that show web stats that show referrals, amount of visitors per day, visitor details etc, not server details

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    Oops, should read the entire thread next time... but another that you might want to look into is urchin... I've looked at it but still prefer awstats due to the cost.
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    urchin is great, but to expensive for single sites etc...

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    well i found and signed up, last 24 hours, prove very good stats in real time

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