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    dedicated hosting-server matrix or


    I am considering a dedicated hosting plan. I read quite a few postings here on the forum. It seems server matrix and are two options. Would you please give me suggestions on which to choose give that,

    I am not familiar with Linux server management. I've been using Cpanel to manage my oscommerce store for one year. I am quite familiar with all the Cpanels but I never had any experience in updating os patches, security, and I don't think I have time to learn them.

    Both server matrix and offers some kind of managed service. I am look at $50 a month on paying for managed service, for, that's their level 2 service, sound pretty complete, but for server matrix, that's just there first tier, sounds like pretty basic.

    My budget is around $200-$250 a month.

    Thanks for advice.

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    Why not look into ServerMatrix's higher end branch, the planet. They offer gold management services with every server on their Total Control server. You can get a lot more from it value wise as well..The Planet has a 10,000 Mbit backbone from multiple providers. FastServers has a 2,000 Mbit backbone from 1 single provider (HE) that is not very good.

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    Try survey:

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    @RaineTech: are the planet better than server matrix? question may be dummy but i am considering SM right now, although if The Planet is better I should definitly change sides

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    i mean, the prices are the same, everything is the same, what are the differences? link?

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    I have personally dealt with both Server Matrix and FastServers in the past. Both companies were fabulous. If youre looking for a true fully managed solution, Id suggest hiring a server administrator. There are plenty of reputable people thatd work for 50.00/m.

    Hynodesign, The Planet is the higher end version of Server Matrix. The offer more, and in turn, are more costly.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Considering the server specs and the Gold level of the managed services, TP are even cheaper than SM. If I need a second server, I will definitely go with TP.
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    are u sure in what you are saying? the price is the same as i look (Dual Xeon 2.8), it's only $20 cheaper at TP but you need to pay that amount if u want cPanel, which results in the same price as SM with gold managed plan, 100mbps, more IPs and even backup plan (insted of floodguard)

    again, is the link same?

    is that same company? sites look similar.

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    Yes, this is one and the same DC, owned by one and the same people, and operated also by one and the same people. ThePlanet is the high-end servers provider, while ServerMatrix is the budget servers provider. Support and sale reps are identical.

    cPanel + Fantastico are free at TP (so far). And the bandwidth is double. There are also regular promotions.
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    Originally posted by hypnodesign
    i mean, the prices are the same, everything is the same, what are the differences? link?
    I have opportunities to try both for my website. So maybe these will help:-

    Generally, since servermatrix is a lower cost version of ThePlanet, therefore they share the same network bandwidth. So in terms of bandwidth not much of difference.

    Notable Difference are can be found in this url:-

    To see a difference, let match up a similiar package from SM (SuperXeon 2.4) and compare to say the Total Control Servers (TC2800I) without any upgrades added on to the basic package

    Difference between Super Xeon 2.4 vs Total Control 2800I
    - Dual Xeon 2.4 vs Dual Xeon 2.8
    - 1000 GB vs 2000 GB
    - 10 Mbps vs 100 Mbps
    - Silver Managed vs Gold Managed
    - 5 IPs vs 11 IPs
    - 99.9% vs 100% network uptime SLA
    - not sure about this vs 2 hour Hardware SLA
    - Tower Casing vs 1U-2U Rackmount
    - No onbord control vs RLX management

    1. Generally, if the most notable difference which makes the Total Control servers very cool is 100% network uptime. SM hook you to a single uplink port while theplanet usually hook you to two uplink ports. So far if you noticed any SM network failures is due to this uplink port hardware problems or uplink port overloaded. In theplanet server you will less likely face this problem due to dual uplink connection.

    SM network failure often affect a certain part of the network (mostly whatever server which the uplink router was down). Thus, it can only give you 99.9%. So if you want 100% uptime, go for the ThePlanet's servers

    2. Second most notable is quality of hardware, theplanet's server tend to be of server grade rackmount (1U-4U) type, often depending on specs can have single / dual redunant power supply, hotswap harddisk bay for quick replacement of harddisk if failed etc. So quality of hardware is very different.

    3. Third most notable especially for the Total Control Series is the RLX management that gives you ability to view server statistics and even ability to reboot the server just like if you had an Automated Reboot Port.

    Although I had been with SM since Oct 2003, I had no major network problems (at least for my uplink routers that hosted my Super Xeon servers). In Feb 2004, I decided to try the TC2800SR / TC2800IR, and must say never regret upgrading to it.

    Though, I have a Windows 2000 server, and as most windows would know, Windows server tend to need reboot to keep it fresh, but I had no need to reboot my servers unless I needed to update my OS or configuration. Those are truely powerful system that I have zero downtime. The quality of the hardware, along with 100% uptime and Gold managed services all bundled together make it a perfect package.

    ThePlanet's prices may be higher, but you really get what you pay for. I must say, I have enjoyed very friendly and excellent support, and so far the best network uptime (no network downtime since Oct 2003 when I was with SM, and no network downtime since Feb 2004 when with TP) compared to previous hosting providers I had been with.

    Some might say Support is slow, but I guess it depends on what issues. Personally, all urgent issues were dealt with promptly, things like setting up of Monitoring changes / floodguard installation / veritas backup etc can take longer, but since no urgency for me, really doesn't matter how long it takes as long as they eventually get it up.

    So if paying a little more isn't a problem and you need quality network uptime go for TP. They are worth it. If you have a budget and some slight downtime (whenever your uplink router fails) is ok with you then SM is your ticket. Of course, since TP you pay more, your tickets etc are often treated with higher priority (especially for urgent issues).

    Hope that helps.

    Warmest Regards
    Robert Lee

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    Id suggest hiring a server administrator. There are plenty of reputable people thatd work for 50.00/m.

    can you recommend some ?

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