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    Looking for 5 new staff members.

    Dear WebHostingTalk users, is now out looking for five new members to our staff, and we need:

    - Marketing -
    Need one to handle marketing of the web sites. This person must be friendly and professional.

    - 2 Programmers -
    Must have good knowledge of one or more of these: ASP, HTML, MS SQL, MySQL, Php, Perl/CGI, Access DB.

    - Web/Graphic designer -
    Must be good with colours. If possible, knowledge of Flash.

    - Content developers -
    Interesting position, where your work is to develope/find new content that can be used on our web sites. Must have good writing skills. (wich I know I have a lack of sometimes )

    These positions are volunteer work, but they are a great oppertunity to gain experience. We can also offer you free hosting, with several features, including a fair bit of webspace and email accounts. If you are interested in one of the positions, please contact me, by sending a email to this address: [email protected]

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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    What is this site about and what kind of content do you want content developers to get?

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    You will be working with a couple of projects as a content developer. Please send a email to my address stated above so that we can get in touch.
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    Email sent, I will try and help with as much as I can

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    Email replyed
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    I am interested in programmer position.

    You can contact me at
    email/msn: qop8 [at]

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    Thanks for all replys, everyone will be contacted by Monday. I'm sorry for my late reply to you all. But I have not been able to answer you before now. I'm sorry for the trouble this may have caused.
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