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    New template for sale


    My name is Brian and my website is

    I am selling a template, post if interested. I accept Paypal only.

    Minimum bid: 60.00
    Preview URL:
    Type: Mainly community, but you can edit it.
    What you get:
    -all rights, that means that you own the psd and its copyright.
    -support, if you need any help for editing the psd.

    Thanks alot,

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    Fun stuff.
    Good luck

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    oh, and the logo on the layout is only for viewing, it will not be included with the psd.


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    Keep in mind people this is a UNIQUE template.

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    Minimum bid is now 50.00.


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    60$? are you kidding there isnt a nav..

    its a psd. April 14th, 1985 your not born then your 13 years old lier.

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    since i cant update.

    Regen, your sig cant have images. WHT is a high capacity forum, with signature images it would be even higher. only text is allowed in the sig. Max 2 colors.

    also the layout its nice but too costly. most ppl kno what full rights is.

    the price is abit high since its not coded, etc. if you code keep at 50$

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