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    Freelance Talent Forums

    Hey guys! We have just started a new forum for freelancer's and those looking for freelance work to be done. What do you think of the design and logo? and the whole concept?

    Feel free to sign up as well.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    i like the site very much. it's simple but it doesn't need to be flashy. i've actually been looking for a site with information just like that. the logo is good. it looks a little "amateurish" but it fits within the overall design. I think that if and once it gets more posts it will be a hopping forum.

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    I would suggest putting the GoogleAd's at the bottom, only so it gives your logo more strength on the site.. also, for some reason, the URL ends up being an IP..

    anyway, best of luck.

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    The site has been doing very well so far - a very positive outcome. Thanks to those of you who have joined.

    Thanks for your comments

    The logo is pretty amateurish, I agree...that's what happens when a cartoonist designs a logo in less than 30 minutes (yeah it's my design - I'll have to give it some more time later)
    On a similar note, we are now having a banner design contest. If you're a graphic designer check it out.


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