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    Thumbs up Reseller Hosting! Large Account: 30GB Space 250GB Bandwidth

    Please note: There are only 5 of these per server.

    What do you get:
    - CPanel Reseller Account w/ Fantastico
    - Unlimited Domains
    - 30GB of Disk Space
    - 250GB of Bandwidth
    - Anonymous Nameservers

    Server Specs:
    - Celeron 2.4 GHZ
    - 1GB of RAM
    - 2(80GB) Hard Drives

    - This will be for a new server, these will be the only 5 accounts on the server. Therefore once I have a committment from 3 users the accounts will be setup, right now we are estimating to have it setup on Friday 4/16, but this depends on the response.

    - Per month via paypal $40, no commitment no contract, etc.

    The server will be housed at ev1servers.

    If you are interested please feel free to contact me via AIM "buccaneerob" or pm me here.

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    I left out the support options:

    - Live Support Mon - Fri 12pm - 5pm
    - Trouble Ticket Support - 24x7
    - Phone support (coming within the next month at no additional charge)
    AIM - buccaneerob

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    What is your company's URL/TOS/AUP ???
    Happily hosting @ (Since 3/2003), (Since 2004), & (Since 7/2005)!
    Hosted @ FDC for 9 Years

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    The TOS can be located on our website at:

    Terms of Service
    AIM - buccaneerob

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