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    Thumbs up Paid Services Required for server setup


    I'm looking to buy the services of a server administrator for an unmanaged server I just bought from I am a web developer by trade and struggled more than I anticipated with an unmanaged server which cam with just webmin and SSH.

    This is a suse linux 9 pro dedicated server and have run into some problems I have no idea how to sort out.

    Installed & Running:

    Apache2 - Domains all point correctly with universal cgi-bin for awstats.
    proftpd - with mysql auth
    Webmin 1.130
    Postfix - nearly

    My requirements:

    1. I need postfix configured to accept incoming/outgoing email for about 4 email addresses of 2 different domains that can be used with outlook and webmail.
    The domains are already setup and running beatifully using the DNS of the domain registrar which has the mx record setup correctly (I think).

    2. I have installed php5 but have spent 6 days trying to configure it with IMAP for webmail with no joy at all.

    3. Webmail setup. (Preferably Horde/Imp)

    4. Web access_log rotation compressed nightly with one month stored.

    5. proftpd works perfectly but has a permission error when attempting to upload. (Very simple I think but I have no idea).

    On going work no doubt... e.g. SSL Certs.

    I would appreciate any help and can pay with PayPal after a rough quote.


    Alistair (aka Brooky)
    alibrookbanks_at_hotmail_com (my normal email address is down )

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    Oh I have instaled f-prot which updates with a cron job but I would like setup too.

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    I highly recommend tht you contact phpdeveloper or thelinuxguy to configure your server.

    They are both great guys

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    Originally posted by AvailableHost
    Pls check

    since 3 of your 4 links were broken, thought I might correct them
    ...atleast I think those are correct o_o

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    Moved, this thread has no business in the Dedicated Server Forum.

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    Don't see why this was moved but thanks for your replies. I will lookinto this further afterwork today (Tuesday).

    Wasted 2 weeks of a dedicated server now.

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