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Thread: Dual Xeons

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    Dual Xeons

    Just wondering what you guys would use a dual xeon for. I mean obviously hosting but would you use them specifically for large sites or would you use them to provide stability to customers.

    The reason i ask is because my friend has just upgraded from a celeron 1.7 to a dual xeon 2ghz with 1GB ram, the reason he did it was because it was a good deal but how much more could he fit on there than the old celeron.

    Whats the maximum amount of sites you would put on there if they are mainly just basic html sites?

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    If their mainly basic html sites it doesnt really matter two much what processor you have in their. The reason is static HTMl sites dont take a lot of processor power to serve , hell I have an amd k62 400 which can saturate a 10mb pipe with static HTML sites.
    I would use a dual xeon for something more reseource intensive , like high traffic php mysql driven sites or reseller accounts.

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    As for total number, it really depends on a per server basis and what kind of sites are on it. To compare a celeron 1.7 to a dual xeon is just crazy. You could run 3-4 times as many web sites on a dual xeon than you can on a celeron 1.7. I think the only thing holding you back would be getting more RAM. Most web hosts use at least 2GB RAM, quite a few use 4 GB RAM. I personally use Dual Xeon 2.8's with 2 GB RAM and I upgrade to 4GB when server loads get higher. Dual Xeons is better in a few other ways as well. It allows more aggregation for web sites so that some can use more CPU at once while others use lessing and than flip flop. It's like taking 10 FE's vs. 1 GigE. If you want to sell servers and put say 15 clients to an FE for each one. Wouldn't you rather put 150 clients on a whole GigE? It's better for sharing the bandwidth so that there's more to go around per customer.

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