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    Question Is it a flat fee to advertise on WHT, or is it by number of clicks?

    I was just wondering, how much does it cost to advertise on WHT?

    Is it a flat fee, or do they charge by the click to the banners above?

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    Its around $100 / 10,000 impressions. (I think). If you're a premium member its a 25% discount.

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    Thanks for that info Joseph_M!

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    You can view pricing from

    We have many types of advertising here on WHT, banners, showcases, and stickies...

    Top and bottom banners are sold by the amount of impressions, showcases and stickies are sold for a lenght of time. Showcases for a month and stickes by the week...

    If you have any questions on advertising please feel free to use the Live Help software on my.iNet or email: [email protected]
    -Mat Sumpter
    Director, Product Engagement
    Penton Media

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