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Thread: IRC and DDoS

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    IRC and DDoS

    I have been running a large forum and I am interested to setup an IRC channel like WHT. I am a total IRC dummy, if someone could educate me on my choice. I could either

    1. Setup an ircd on my server and open the port 6667 to all.
    2. Setup an ircd on my server but does not open the port 6667 to outside and only use something like cgi-irc to connect through web interface.
    3. Register a channel on one of the irc network and make use of that channel.

    The problem is I have heard many times that ircd invite ddos attack, does this just limit to those that join irc network? Does invidual irc server invites ddos attack by just opening port 6667?

    Someone also told me that people are taking over channels in public irc network, and we need bots to defend our channel against such attacks. As I am an irc dummy, this is a difficult job for me.

    So anyone has any suggestions on what I should do?

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    If you don't link to major networks, the chances you get DDOS is fairly low. Just make sure you clear out any bots if they come parking in your server

    Also make sure your host supports IRC hosting. Most don't.

    For protection bots, it depends on which IRCd you use. Nowadays, some come with a good Chanserv that help protect the channel. If you want you certainly can put some bots. Look into Eggdrop (search in Google)
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