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    Registrar Recommendation High volume

    Have a couple questions as I am helping a company pick out a new domain supplier. Currently they sell about 1300 domains per month and several hundred email forwarding and url forwarding as well as some other add ons. current the price is not competitive and are seeking a lower buy rate. the current registrar is IYD, it's your domain.

    I know they can get a 6.95 enom account or a 6.49 directi account but they were looking for a 6.00 buy rate. Is this possible? If so from whom?


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    6.00 is at registrars cost not including all the other expenses. The cost would be 6.35 per domain. Any registrar looking to sell below that will probably not in business long.
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    You mentioned forwarding services. Last time I checked that cost extra a directi.

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    several hundred email forwarding and url forwarding as well as some other add ons.
    Just for the above , I think eNom is your target , I think ( But not 100% sure ) they may offer you pricing list lower than 6.95 if you ( or your friend ) register that high volume of domains , you will not lose anything to contact them sales[at] , and see what they gonna say , and keep us updated please
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    10,573 is offering at $6.39 lowest i've ever seen
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    Anybody has used the service of nicline ?

    if any personal experieces bad or good please post it here !


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