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    Is anyone else having problems with Paysystems Merchant System?


    Seems down for me. Is there any maintainance? Tested from a few ISP with same results.
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    Which of their sites do you mean?

    Main sites ( and works good but I cannot open waiting... waiting... opened!!
    But very slow...

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    I guess i have some problem here.

    I wasn't able to login into the Merchant Control Center despite using the correct username and password.

    The main site are available though.

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    Same problem I cannot log in to any of my Paysystems accounts.

    There is a message about changing passwords every 6 weeks - never seen that before and I think Paysystems have changed passwords.

    I have emailed them 3 times to request new passwords but received nothing.

    I am now left with 3 Paysystem accounts I cannot access.

    Does anyone know what is going on?



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    If this problem is still peristing, let me know (via email preferably) and I will look into it for you.

    James Acker
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    PaySystems Inc.

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    Quick note..

    I had a similar problem last week but it was due to some kind of "popup blocker" that was installed on my system.

    Maybe check to make sure you didn't get the same stupid "isearch" toolbar installed and it is now blocking the MCC popup from appearing?

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    mrzippy No it isn't that I just get a password error - my passwords have been changed and I haven't been told the new ones.

    jacker - I have sent another email to Paysystems support hopefully this time someone will be kind enough to reply.



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    What happens when you use the "lost password" recovery link?

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    The best thing to do is call. When I had to do that a while back it never arrived as I was using the wrong e-mail address (I presumed I'd changed it). In a stroke of poor usability if you use the wrong e-mail address it'll still say an e-mail has been sent, when in fact none has at all.

    I only worked out the old e-mail address by typing it in while giving the support girl a bit of a talking to at the same time. Between the two of us it got worked out.
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    how silly i forgot to use that feature.

    It's all solved. I've got my password back. too easy.

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    Yes I think you have to use the exact email address on your Paysystems Account - it is not necessarily the same as the your email address Paysystems use to email daily account balances.

    Trouble of course is if you have several accounts and several email addresses you are just guessing the right one to use, and as akashik mentioned if you give the incorrect email address the retrieve password facility just says that a new password has been emailed when in fact it hasn't

    I live in the UK so didn't fancy phoning, I emailed support direct giving my account numbers and my full postal address - I received the passwords back by email within a few hours.

    It is very good that Paysystems take security seriously but I think a better way to do this would be to send a 'Change your Password within 7 days' notice before they automatically change account passwords without telling the account holder.

    I think this would solve a lot of problems for account holders and probably save a lot of work for their support staff as well.


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