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    domains gotta go! still up for sale.

    Some new domains, some old ones - all of these at GoDaddy. Need to pay off some college debts, so please make some offers, lol. I've provided a little snippet of information/potential market for each, just to show I care.
    PM me with reasonable offers and I'll get right back to you Thanks.

    TEXASCOLLEGES.INFO = sold for $13,000. Maybe you could sell it to that guy, lol.
    NOISY.BIZ = nice, short .biz. Could be music oriented. Valued at $100, I'd take $50, or less, lol.
    REGIS.WS= Regis Philbin doesn't have a regis website. Maybe he'd want this one - million google, 15k overture. Short, fun, etc.
    CARFINANCING.WS = sold for $46,000. I don't imagine finding a buyer for this one would be hard. 31,000 overture.
    GAMBIEROHIO.COM = Home of my alma mater. Not expecting anyone to want this one, lol.
    FREEMARTHA.BIZ = Fun name. Had a $100 offer but turned it down. Doh!
    |LOANOFFERS.INFO = On track to make $600 from Sedo parking |this year with these two names.
    LONESOME.INFO = Good dictionary word. Could be dating site?
    LOVEJESUSCHRIST.NET = Had a $60 offer, turned it down. Doh. Gets about 15-20 uniques a month.
    OP7.NET = I just like the sound of it. Like James Bondesque.
    QUICKDATES.INFO = Great potential dating site.
    WAROFCONQUEST.NET = Popular online strategic war game (no trademark issues). 13 uniques thus far this month.

    WHOREWATCH.COM = Like a community watch program for prostitutes? Lol. I dunno. Give me $15 and it's yours.
    4HISPANICS.COM = 37.4 million Hispanics in America alone...this could be a great resource. 20 uniques this month.
    6JT.COM = 3 character .com's - aren't any of these left to buy except from people like me. Obviously they aren't going to go down in value!
    ALLTHEWRONGPLACES.COM = great dating name
    CROSSWORDWHIZ.COM = ok, who doesn't do crosswords?
    DIESPAM.COM = Would be a great anti-spam software name..
    GONIMRODS.COM = Ah, my favorite. From the ESPN commercials about the highschool basketball team, the Nimrods. The Watersmeet Nimrods recently reported that sales of their merchandise from their school store alone had passe 100k.
    HARLEYDAVIDSONHOGS.COM = yep. hogs, baby. hogs.
    JOHN.WS = 49 million google, 37k overture...can't believe I still have this name.
    MEAT.WS = Great short generic domain name.
    CAREBEAR.INFO = 290,000 overture. That's spectacular. Carebear is not trademarked, btw.
    HOBBITS.WS = Everyone loves hobbits.

    Alright, that's all for now. Thanks for anyone who read all this. PM me with any offers, I'll certainly consider them, and immediately respond. Thanks,

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    How much are you looking for
    John Heslop

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    it's open to offers, jhe

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    Originally posted by johnnyh
    I've provided a little snippet of information/potential market for each, just to show I care.

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    . glad you liked that gen-t.

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    Let's get this party started. I offer $30 for

    Who will beat that?

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