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    does anyone co-locate with redbus interhouse?? if so, which datacenter, and what are they like?

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    We currently have a few servers in Sovereign House London and have been fairly impressed with it so far. Adding another one this week actually.

    I personally think it looks sleeker inside than Telehouse, security seems to be a bit tighter (when we were there anyway), although I'm not sure if the cooling is as good as TH, but it's fine

    I'm not really able to compare it with either of the other 2 Redbus centres but it suits our needs perfectly well. Haven't had to call on the staff for much help yet so can't report how well they handle anything complex. They can be a bit grumpy at times though

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    We have 20+ racks with Redbus and found them very good. We also have a suite in Meridian Gate.

    If you are looking to expand go for Meridian or Soveriegn. Harbour Exchange is quite limited in capacity.

    The cabling is much better than telehouse. The staff are ok, but if you need anything very techincal then its best to use your own out of hours sometimes. But it includes hands on support in Redbus where as you pay 20 per 15 mins I believe in Telehouse. We rent out plenty and all the customers are happy there

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    we have facilities in each of the 3 redbus UK locations, and are very happy with them. racks (if you use theirs) are good quality, staff friendly enough, security is good.

    HEX is basically full, but both MER and SOV have space left

    are you looking to go direct for a rack or with a redbus partner for individual space ? if going direct , ask for a 900 deep rack as the standard is 800 and some longer kit (ibm, dell) doesn't fit them, neither will it fit in an "intershelf" 11u compartment
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    We have a suite in Meridian Gate and some space over in Harbour Exchange.

    Redbus offer good value for money, and has won us alot of business because of their professional look and feel.
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