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    changing htaccess?

    I had my store set up at

    I wanted the hosting company to switch it so that when someone went to the store would show up. At first they redirected it to which still wasn't what I wanted. I didnt want to show up in the url bar.

    They then did something so that the index.php of the folder oscommerce would always show up when you went to

    I want to undo this, or be able to change it. How do I do it?

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    Your host may have changed your DocRoot, which is something you have no control over. If that's not the case, please post your .htaccess file here and we can tell you how to reverse whatever was done.

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    Seems like that's what was done, because I've already tried switching the htaccess. The site was not being redirected but it seemed like they made oscommerce the "main" dir, because the only way i could access files on the web would be to include it in that dir.



    Redirect permanent /index.html

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    If that .htaccess file you posted is what's currently in your main directory, then removing it should reverse what your host has done. If after removing it it still does not work, we know that your host modified your DocRoot, which tells Apache that your main directory is actually /blah/blah/yoursite/oscommerce/ instead of just /blah/blah/yoursite.

    Hope this helps .

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    definitely does, thanks

    wish i had control over it though. any idea why it still doesn't work if i recreate the oscommerce dir though?

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    By "doesn't work" do you mean you get a 404/403 error, or does it simply bring you back to your main index page at

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    I get a 404 error now. No matter what I do.

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    Alright, so if AFTER removing the .htaccess file (and ensuring you have an index file in your main directory) you still get 404 errors, you'll need to contact your host and ask them to put your Document Root setting in apache back to normal.

    Best of luck!

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    do you actually HAVE an index page??
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