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Thread: New and unsure

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    New and unsure

    I'm pretty new and trying to get a hosting/web design buisness off the ground.

    I currently have a server at Servermatirx with Cpanel/WHM.

    I'm trying to figure out a way to do billing. So far none of my customers want anything to do with control of thier site so cpanel is useless to them. They just want it setup and running.

    I'm just concerned with billing. I'm currently trying to use Quickbook to do billing, but reaccuring billing isn't super easy in quickbooks. So I was thinking about looking for something else. Anyone have any ideas? WHMAutoPilot looks good but not sure if its the right fit for me.

    Open to suggestions.


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    You could check out ClientExec. This will allow you to have a online client management tool which can assist you with recurring billing (one click a week does it for you) as well this program is evolving and new features are constantly being added.
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    Clientexec is a good choice and perfect for what you need - Easy to use and can create and email invoices out automatically - This is a big bonus for when you have a large client base.

    Another option would be perlbill - Out of the 2 however, I would choose Clientexec.

    Modernbill would be a good choice too, while more expensive, it is also a great product and worth looking at. It really depends on exactly what you need from the software in terms of 'Bells and whistles'.

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    Since you're using WHM/cPanel I would (personally) recommend WHM.AutoPilot as you mentioned.

    It's specifically designed for WHM/cPanel, integrates well and give you the facilility to automate almost everything (if you want to).

    Why not download the trial and see what you think.

    FYI, my shortlist was ClientExec and WHM.AutoPilot - after investigation I favoured and bought WHMAP.

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