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    Could you plz appraise SINGLEMANIA.COM

    Hey there I thought this one would be a cool brandable name for a single bourse, and since the .com was still avaliable while the .net wasnīt I registered that one.

    Why would one register a .net rather than a .com? Is there a reason to it?

    What would you estimate itīs value? Also I thought that probably if a magazine would probably some time brand the name "singlemania" as the word for the increasing number of singles in society it could probably give the value of the domain a push. What would you think?

    thx in advance and best regards, pyro

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    anyone? :-)

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    Could be something like $100 based on the combination of the two terms. See , there is a similar example of what the domain could be used for, thus it's value.
    Lorand R. Minyo
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