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    Using exe files ...

    How would i run an exe on a windows server if i uploaded the EXE.

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    sorry if it sounds suspicious, i want to run a server for my game so thats why i asked the question.

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    well . . . are you renting the server or do you have shared hosting on a server?
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    Its shared hosting ..

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    Anyone plz?

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    Rackley the best person to ask that question would be your host. I don't host on windows servers so I wouldn't be able to help you but your host should be able to tell you how to do it and if it is allowed on their servers.
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    If you have rdesktop or ssh access to the server then it's just a matter of going to the directory where you uploaded the file and running it.

    There are also some .exe's designed to run as cgis called through a web browser.

    However most shared hosting providers do not allow their customers to run that kind of "permanent" processes.

    If you are trying to run a game server then you should sign up for a game server hosting instead of webhosting (by the way most game server hosts provide some webspace).
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