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    DNS ( / blocked from MSN/Hotmail - How do I fix?

    A few of my IPs on one of my ThePlanet boxes use their DNS: and Hotmail/MSN must have blocked them, because on my order form I use automatic email generation and my and customers get a bounced email. I then have to do it manually and it's very annoying. Is there any way to call MSN/Hotmail and explain the situation? Please include a phone number if you know one, because I've looked all through both sites and I can't find one anywhere. Also, I use to also be blocked from, but I added an rDNS and that took care of that problem. Any help would be really appreciated.

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    There have been a few threads in the SM forum addressing this problem. You might check there for current status of the issue.

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    I've read every thread on the issue, and they're all unresolved. I figured maybe some bright person at WHT that has experienced the same problem would be able to help.

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