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    Colocation Suggestions

    Hey everyone,

    I tried using the "Host Quote" feature a day or so ago however at this point in time it seems worthless. Anyways I thought I would try here to get some prospective tips and suggestion of where to colocate.

    I am interested in 1U of rackspace and about 2 mbit which is a small commit so I expect that I may have to go through a reseller in some of the larger datacentres.

    My budget is aproximately 170 US dollars per months however I am a tad flexible. It would also be preferred if the datacentre sold CPanel licenses.

    It would be great if the datacentre had good solid peering to canada as most traffic comes from there.

    Also I prefer no Cogent bandwidth however if it is the bgp pool I can probably stand it.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Peer1 or one of its resellers might be a good choice. I believe they have direct (internal) peering to Canada. However, the cost for bandwidth can be as much as $100-125 per M plus space fees.
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    Hey... has good peering to canada (level3 chicago, gets to canada through winnipeg) They have a deal for 250 a month for 1u/5mbit I believe.. you can talk to: stack31337 on aim is located in seattle (peer1-dark fibre to vancouver's harbour center). they have pretty good prices.. send a message to : sprydotcom on aim

    Other than that, anything directly in Canada is insanely expensive--unless you wanna go cheap, and un-reliable and packetloss ridden, and bad location.. (rackforce)
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    you can try
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