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    * Mailing List on Cpanel not work! Help..

    Somebody can help me?

    I get a server with Angelnetworkz ( reseller) 2 weeks ago. Everything going to be smoothly. But, when I need a mailing list fetures to distibute our newsletter, I can't create it.
    Everything I was created gone (didn't seen a record on mailing list maintenance page).

    I ask Angel and they can't fix it, they blame the script writer.

    Please help me. Is it a cpanel/WHM bug? Or somtheing wrong with my server settings? My Imap server also failed everytime.


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    Hummm... Are you trying run PHPlist, or Mailman?

    There are tutorials for each of these lists and supportive community. If you search on sourceforge, you'll get information as to support websites and documentation...

    Good luck! Setting mailinglists can be a bit confusing at the beginning..



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    Hi Joseph! I guess I am having the same problem you had gone through. Would you like to share how the problem was fixed? I have already tried "/scripts/upcp" and also "/scripts/restartsrv imap" and xinetd shows running but it says "imap has failed, Please...". I checked "edit /etc/sysconfig/network" and found nothing wrong in it. Can you give me a lead?

    Thank you in advance...

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