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    High Quality Template for Sale (Flash/Coded)

    Buyer Receives:

    Exclusive rights
    PSD, FLA, HTML files
    Fully coded main page
    Customized links for the header
    Minor customizations to layout

    The first link is an example of a roll-over. The dropdown will be customized so it contains the proper number of sublinks to fit your needs.

    Looking for $275 USD or best offer. Please contact me using any of the methods below if you are interested.

    Email & MSN - [email protected]
    AIM - cginspire
    ICQ - 85800094

    Or through PM if you prefer.


    - CG -

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    Very nice template. Like the flash animation. Good luck selling.

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    Thats pretty cool how the header drops down, it might be a pain if you have dialup though....
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Didn't sell last time eh?

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    Unfortunately not.

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