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    Text and banner ads available on computer forum

    I run computer forums at and I am interested in selling both text and banner ads. I have a listing of available rates at

    We offer computer support for programming, web development, website promotion, and tech support.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hello there again. I'd like to apologize for the abruptness of the above post. I was sorta in a rush when I posted. Seriously, though, I would like to invite you guys to purchase some advertising space from my site.

    We are computer forums which receive about 750,000 pageviews per month. You can purchase banner impressions for as little as $4 CPM and can even select which "zones" of the site you would like your banner to appear on (i.e. just tech support forums or just programming forums).

    For those of you who are looking to increase your PR, we're also selling static text ads on our homepage. You can purchase a small text ad for $25/month or a large text ad, which is sure to receive lots of clicks in addition to helping PR, for $60/month.

    Anyone interested?

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