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    Looking for technical support part-time or full-time


    We are looking for technical support for our hosting business. We have at the moment 2 technicians working for us. We are planning to grow really fast in the next 2 months. We need people who can answer tickets and work with WHM / cPanel.

    If you can help us you will have the right to use our servers for your own website or your own hosting business. You will be able to sell reseller packages. In fact our servers will be yours. If we grow as we wish you will be paid for your work. All our server are located at The Planet datacenter. You can take as much ressource as you need.

    You can contact me at : [email protected]

    Thank you.

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    Hello webonixh Welcome to WHT.

    Please email me with what you expect of me. and maybe we can work something out

    ExtremeFragFest [AT]


    Very Interested

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    I am very interested. I will be in contact.

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    I am very interested in answering support tickets and working with cPanel/WHM. Please can you contact me with more infomation or a general chat:

    email: john.heslop @
    msn: john @

    I live in the United Kingdom just so you know, so contact me if your interested or not.
    John Heslop

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