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    Writing Services Available

    Hi there folks.

    Once again I am offering the members of WebHostingTalk my services as a freelance writer. I dont place any limits or restrictions on the type of work I accept, but I have worked on press releases, website content and newsletter to name a few examples.

    If your looking to spice up your sites content, or wanting to email all your members about new features, then send me a PM and we can work something out.

    As for payment, I dont have a set fee which will be applied to all jobs, and the fee for each job will be discussed with the client, notmally with nothing payed up front.

    If you want to see some of my previous work, feel free to PM me for a sample of my portfolio to date, and get a feel for the type of work I can produce for you.

    Look forward to your PM's and get in quick, as I can only accept a certain number of projects at once.

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    I have used Heymish's works for a number of advertisement's and press releases, and have been very please with the work he has produced. id certainly reccomend him to anybody looking to promote their website and/or services.
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    ...And I thought I would be the only one vouching for Heymish.

    To summarize Heymish, he is a good writer and a good person. Definately glad I know him.
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