eBizAlive is proud to introduce our latest offering, colocation services. These are available in our Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA data centers. We will also be opening a data center in Richmond, VA in the very near future.

Currently, ordering for the following plans is active:

1-4U/Midtower w/200 GB blended bandwidth - $59/month $49/setup
1-4U/Midtower w/1000 GB blended bandwidth - $99/month $49/setup

You can order online here!

The following plans are available and ordering will be active shortly:

1-4U/Midtower w/1Mbps blended bandwidth - $99/month $49/setup
1-4U/Midtower w/5Mbps blended bandwidth - $249/month $49/setup
1-4U/Midtower w/10Mbps blended bandwidth - $499/month $49/setup

1/2 Rack w/10amps and 1Mbps - $299/month $99/setup
1/2 Rack w/10amps and 5Mbps - $449/month $49/setup
1/2 Rack w/10amps and 10Mbps - $699/month $0/setup

Rack w/20amps and 1Mbps - $499/month $99/setup
Rack w/20amps and 5Mbps - $649/month $49/setup
Rack w/20amps and 10Mbps - $899/month $0/setup
Rack w/20amps and 100Mbps -$2,999/month $2,999/setup

1/2 and full cabinet options will be available also.

Our network consists of Level3 and Yipes in Dallas as well as C&W and XO in LA. You can test in Dallas and in LA.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Shaun Gregory
Net Sentry Corp, LLC
eBizAlive, A Division of Net Sentry Corp, LLC
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