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    * Human Tribe on edge of extinction!!!!!

    WOW !! This is not something you hear everyday.

    A unique group of tribals in an island off india's east coast are getting extinct .. they are as primitive as they were 1000's of years ago and literally they live like stone age ..

    " one of them got hit by a truck as he had no clue what it was or had any road sense "

    BBC Link

    On a small group of islands near the coast of Burma, the days of a unique tribal people are numbered. Settlers are moving into their patches of virgin forest and threatening to drive them out of existence.

    Enmay belongs to the Jarawa tribe. It is not known exactly how old he is, but he is thought to be about 15 or 16

    He is one of only about 250 of his kind left on the planet. His tiny tribe stands on the brink of extinction.

    The Jarawa cling to their precarious existence on the Andaman Islands - a group of tiny, forested lumps of volcanic rock poking out of the Bay of Bengal.

    Read on :
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    Umm, quite interesting stuff..

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    Enmay picked up some Hindi and talked about his life.
    That must be quite a skill since ancient languages like Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit are almost impossible to learn !
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    For a young Jarawa to become a man he must track and kill a wild boar. Until he has performed this ritual task he will not be considered a man and not be eligible to marry. The settlement of the Andamans by outsiders, the clearing of huge areas of forest and hunting have critically reduced the numbers of wild boar. So now young Jarawa men struggle to find the quarry that they need to pass from childhood to adulthood.
    They should seriously consider outsourcing wild boars from USA and Europe.

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