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    Please Review

    We switched over to zope/plone over the weekend. The site still needs some customization but it flows well and looks great (IMO) of course. I invite you to poke around the site and let me know if you think it flows well.

    You can check it out at
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    bland, but surprisingly the white space good job.
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    For my opinion, it looks too squarish. Need to blend the things smoothly to give clients a comfortable feel. Corners and points will just make one feel "defensive" and tense.

    Secondly, It is still very much like a script template and so doesn't really look perfect. I don't mean no good because I like the plain and neat design but just not PERFECT. Hope you get the same feeling.

    thirdly, I think it doesn't show up very well what you are trying to present. It take me a few good glance before I know what your trade is. (Because your Hosting and all other keywords just blend so well with the other text).

    Fourthly, Why should one be clicking "contact us" and have to click one more time before getting the info? Bad. Try to improve on this.

    BTW, how can I order your plans? For this, if I can ask this question (treat me as I am dumb), but I have no way of getting the info straight away.

    There might have many other areas that you might need to do adjustment. But hope the above pointers might help you in a way.


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    Colorwise, yes bland. I do like the light colors on a white background though. Maybe more colorful buttons or something. It needs something but I can't put my finger on it.

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