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    PHPLiveSupport Or PHPLiveHelper

    ok, trying to choose between PHPLiveSupport and PHPLiveHelper

    PHPLiveHelper one-time $99.00 , PHPLiveSupport $159/Yearly.

    I dont see much difference between them, infact seems one cloned the other.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    You guys have nothing to say about these two?

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    Never used either ...
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    I used phplivehelper and it was ok. Their winapp I havent had a chance to use because it only works by connecting to mysql externally and they were too uptight about even considering to change any aspect of it. I havent tried phplive support so I have no comment on that.
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    My personal opinion is use LivePerson , works better than any other livechat program. I voted for phplive, but I use Liveperson. I have tried most chat apps available over the years and I keep coming back to liveperson because it "WORKS" I hate to spend the money but it makes me money.

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    I agree, you have to spend the money. We use n-contact - it works really well.

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    I tried both of them ( phplivesupport and phplivehelp ).
    i think phplivesupport is more stable and bugs free, when i test the phplivehelp demo, that you have in their homepage, i sended them an email about a bug, and they responded me that is a demo my opinion, if i use a demo, it must work fine...couse if not, i wont buy it. i will buy phplivesupport.

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    We just implemented phpLiveSupport for sales (what? it can do that?! ) on and it appears to work really well. We ran a trial of LivePerson and I do agree that the interface, at least from the admin side, is much cleaner and easier to use. The real difference between LivePerson and phpLiveSupport is that the former is priced at $99/month per concurrent user and the latter is about $130 one-time (with I believe $60/year upgrade fee). Clearly phpLive wins when it comes to pricing, and the functionality is not such that it makes it a clear loser between the two.

    One of the main benefits of LivePerson is the great windows GUI for operators. It is very intuitive and easy to use, whereas the "operator console" for liveSupport is not nearly as pretty, and can be annoying and counterintuitive at times. Also, the ability to hold multiple chats within the windows GUI can make your life easier, rather than worrying about multiple windows without helpful title bars. But I suppose you get used to it.

    Additionally, most of the really cool features of LivePerson are not available unless you upgrade to their "corporate" version, which is $500/month per concurrent user. No thanks!

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