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    AMAZING high tech DESIGN/HOSTING template for sale. 3D servers AVAILABE.


    note: image size is smaller than original because of those rippers out there .

    What you get:

    Full resell rights
    images: 3d servers (3ds max) .TGA files and source if required.
    Subpages can be made at an extra cost.
    Flash header can also be made at an extra cost.

    Not yet determined. Post your offers.

    I will post examples of many 3D servers later tonight. Stay tuned.


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    The link isn't working for me.

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    Very nice layout how much are you asking for?
    John Heslop

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    Originally posted by jheslop1
    Very nice layout how much are you asking for?
    Not yet determined. Post your offers.

    I'd say its definitely worth in the XXX at least.
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    hehe! Well I know how the sale's are here so im not expecting anything big but at this point, from the people I have talked to, $100 is the minimun bid.

    I've already had a bid of $75 but thats too cheap.

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    can't really tell the details from the small image... if it seems very clean... i'm guessing it'll be around 125?? well good luck...

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    ahh might as well let this thread die. No decent offers. Thanks.

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