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    * Is this a good hosting company?

    I am looking for a place to hook up my page.
    Is this company good? I saw the online rating for them is
    pretty high.
    Did anyone do business with them before?

    Their site is name

    Thank you and waiting for your reply.


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    I have not heard of them before, but the fact they offer something that will never exist puts me off straight away - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Try using the search feature. There is a bit to be said about them.

    The unlimited space offer is an immediate turn off, though.
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    Check other forums out and see if you can find something on them. Just because you can not find it here does not mean they are new. Try these and do a whois here


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    Isn't that the site own by the ex-owner of Featureprice? Who also own several "review" sites and put his own company as being the best etc. just like in Featureprice days?
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    Unlimited Space? Looks fishy to me. Use the quote feature on WHT to request quotes from other hosts on here.

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    If you tell your requirements you can get better response
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    Just look at

    under "V. "Fair-Use" Resource Assignment"

    If you think that goes along with your requirements an expectations, then you shouldn't have problems.
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