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    Program/Design For Me and Get Computer Hardware!

    As what the title says, I am in the market for a web designer/programmer. I am a university student, so I don't have much cash, but I do have some computer hardware that I can afford to give as payment. Before you ask, this includes (ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, AOPEN EZ65 i865 small form factor PC, OCZ PC3700 Gold Rev 2.0, etc). The list is longer, and I would even buy certain hardware for you if you demand something specifically.

    Just to clarify things, ALL of the things on the list that I gave are not free things I got from sponsors. There is a big misconception that you get a lot of free things as a computer hardware site, and in reality only the big sites get stuff for free. All that stuff I purchased on my own. I do get some free stuff, but mostly just heatsink or power supply level products.

    I also do not mind putting a text link or small image link in the menu or at the bottom of the page when it goes live. I understand that web design is largely a business based on referrals, and with 500 unique visitors on a very slow day and 30000 unique visitors on a decent day, it might be beneficial to you.

    I don’t have a big preference of what language the backend is done in, so PHP or ASP are options (I will be able to use either a Red Hat or Windows server). I currently have a website that is using PHP-Nuke, and I used this knowing that it would be a temporary thing. All my data is stored in SQL format, but it would be very easy to transfer over as I only added content using the built in content management system of PHP-Nuke.

    Requirements for new site:

    - design template (images and raw HTML)
    - server side programmed backend (PHP or ASP)
    - database driven backend (SQL/mySQL preferred)
    - content management application (password protected with different users and would make it easy to add news and content)

    Starting off with the design, there are basically going to be 3 different page formats. They’re all going to use the same style, but the content layout will differ. I want a Home, Content, and sub Content pages. In terms of the backend, it would be pretty easy to implement.

    For the design, I don’t really know exactly what I want, but I do have a general format I would like for you to roughly follow. I will give examples later on.

    In terms of the server side backend and content management, I don’t care if you use an available script or one you made yourself as long as the license is valid for my use and there are no known security issues. I just want it easy for me to add to, edit and delete content.

    I do have familiarity with ASP, HTML and CSS…and because of this I want all of the source files easy to figure out in terms of their arrangement. So in terms of the programming, just make sure you add white space and comment where relevant. This makes it easier for me to add new elements to the page or modify anything (if need be) without much problem.


    Examples of Page Elements I Like:
    I like how at the top of the page there is a header image that shows the section of the page you are on with a description, accompanied with a relevant image. I don’t need it to be flash as it is on this site. The location of the main site menu is good, just between the header image and the content. In terms of the content, I like the dual column approach, and would like to implement something like that on the front page showing my site’s new content (with a link, image and quote). Overall, it’s a nice simple layout.


    My Current Page:

    Basically, I like how the left menu is in terms of the content it has, and the navigation menu at the top is good enough. I’m going to keep content organization the way it is unless you have good suggestions. For the articles, they are automatically formatted in terms of pages (like page 2 of 4). For images, I want a border that has “” somewhere in it. There’s some more specifics, but you can ask me, or I will tell the person I decide on.

    My old page is here:


    For Applicants:

    You can sort of see what kind of designs I like by looking at my two old pages. I really just want something simple and easy to navigate.

    I would like to see portfolios (basically sites that you have done, if would be nice if you had some sort of proof that you did them). If you have any questions, you can contact me at [email protected]

    If you could make an image of what the front page of your proposed page would look like, that would be amazing as well!

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    I'm catering this more for web developers who are just starting off and want to make a name for themselves (basically who won't want an arm and a leg in return). I myself am a kinda poor university student and don't have that much personal assets or cash, but I'm trying to do what I can.

    Again, if you are looking for a name for yourself, my site does generate about 200000 unique visits per month, and I would be willing to put credit to you in the form of an image link or text link.
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    Please PM me or email me (chris [at] and maybe we can work something out.

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    E-mailed to you. Please check

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    Do you have any stats of the website we can see?

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