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    Cool Will trade logo(s) for domain name

    Hey everyone, I am in need of a domain name for a personal site of mine but am very low on cash, so in turn I can offer you a custom logo for your company or you can use any 1 of the pre-made examples in the attached image. Your help would be much appreciated.


    *Ps...I do not mind where the domain is registered. It's upto you.

    Thanks for your time,
    Chris Hutchison

    *edit* I will also design for a small hosting account.

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    What are your requirements for hosting? I might be interested. You can contact me at:
    AIM hhjhorra
    Yahoo jhorra
    msn jhorra
    or pm me

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    Drop me a PM or email, Chris, and let me know what hosting specs you require and I'll give you more information about design needs.

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    sent you a pm

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