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    [Completely new] A few questions..

    I'm VERY inexperienced in the field of selling items... usually the person just pays me through paypal and I give them what they payed for... but I would like to expand a bit so here are my extremely "newbie" questions...

    1) How can I get a payment to go from my client's credit card to my bank account? I really have no idea how credit card payments work so a detailed answer would be great.

    2) Is anyone here willing to help me use paypal's IPN so that when a client pays they're automatically sent a link to a download?

    3) If it's available, is there a simple shopping cart that I could download and it'd do what I need in #2?

    And... well my mind just went blank so I'll post again if I think of any other questions.

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    I recommend OS Commerce for a shopping cart system. It is available for free at Since it is an open source application, you can customize it and there is an extensive help forum to help you along.

    OS Commerce will integrate well with Paypal as well and there is extensive information on the forums for that.

    As for getting payment from credit card to your bank, doesn't paypal do that for you? You can also get a merchant account which will process the card and deposit directly into your bank. This is done by settlement so it takes a day or two usually.

    Hope this helps


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