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    Question about delphi and PHP

    I am going to have a coder create a client application for me. I am a little bit confused about types of programmings though. From what I heard delphi is a good language to use and also PHP. But can PHP be a stand alone program? Can you have PHP within delphi. This program is going to be search tool and has to interact with certain websites to collect data from them. So if you knwo both programs please advise, Thanks.

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    PHP can be standalone application (using php-gtk), but its really not recommended for it.

    Delphi creates applications, where as PHP is for scripting. I'm sure its possible to create a Delphi application that can browse websites, etc.

    If you are looking for an application, then Delphi (or any other programming langauage, like C++, C#, Java, etc.) would be recommended. Avoid scripting languages, like PHP for standalone application development.
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    Re: Question about delphi and PHP

    Originally posted by Scuzzy
    I am going to have a coder create a client application for me. ... This program is going to be search tool and has to interact with certain websites to collect data from them. So if you knwo both programs please advise, Thanks.
    If what you are after is an application (either a web application or one that runs on a computer in your office) which searches the internet and collects data from websites, Delphi would be an excellent tool with which to create one. I have seen some awesome stuff done with Delphi ISAPIs.

    PHP is great for web applications. Within that sphere, it can perform pretty well, but not as good as a well-designed, well-coded and well-tuned ISAPI DLL created with Delphi.

    To be honest, you would be best advised to put more emphasis on choosing the right developer than worrying about the language/too -- that's the developer's problem. Your problem is to specify exactly what you want and to be able to choose a good developer.
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    Indeed, take Chris' advice about choosing the developer, and let them worry about the language once you have given them your spec.

    But looking at the languages you have suggested in your question.

    If it is a client program being created, you need to think about your target audiences. Delphi will create a very nice graphical client for Windows platforms, and you can even compile the source to run in Linux environments too. Personally I've not tested Kylix (Delphi for Linux) binaries on BSD with Linux binary compatibility, so I don't know about that one.

    If you don't mind a console style client app (or optionally GUI with php-gtk), and want something that will run on pretty much all operating systems, go for a PHP approach.

    Also don't forget Delphi is a compiled language, and PHP is interpreted, so Delphi has the advantage in terms of speed of execution too.

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    Yeah, I did mention before that you should go to the developer with your functional requirements and let them pick the language that will meet those the best... not the other way around. Don't pick the language then see if does what you need.

    For the record, i once wrote a Delphi program that wrote html files that contained Javascript that dynamically wrote html. The other programmers around here I'm sure can visualize how much fun I had with nesting quotes and using escape codes in the triple language "soup"

    Scuzzy, if you want, give me a full description of what you are trying to do and who the end user is, and why the application is needed (I'll sign an NDA if you feel you need one) and I'll give you a fair assessment of that technologies make sense for your program. I've programmed in every language that's been mentioned in the two threads and can hopefully clarify for you what you're really looking at. Again, the developer you select should make the final call, but at least I can try and provide with some understanding of what your best choices (plural) probably are....

    I feel kinda responsible for this since I was the one talking up the Delphi and PHP in the first place...

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