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    Branded Graphics Editor to your company. Installshield. Increase your customer bond.

    Oblivex, Inc flagship product, Company Paint.

    Visit our website to find out more

    Designed as a minor graphics editor, Company paint enables swift graphic manipulation whilst barely touching system resources. Company paint is designed to increase consumer awareness of your company as your logo and company name are always in view whilst the program is in use. The program also strengthens a customer bond between you and your client.

    Company paint is distributed via two versions, one being the standard version and the other the installer+ version.

    Standard version. [$30]

    This version includes the executable file as well as the colour palette file [default.pal]

    both files are emailed to you in a zip folder via an email of your choosing. Dependant files are not emailed and limited support is given with this version demo

    Installer+ version. [$60]

    Oblivex, Inc recommend this version. Regardless of Windows installation, the program will run. The installer is created with non-other than Installshield [Adobe & Macromedia use the same]. All files are bundled in the setup package as well as all dependant files the program needs to run. No errors or file dependency issues on older systems will arise with this version. Premium priority support is also given if any issues are to arise.

    Installshield Setup Demo

    Download the demo setup program to give it a try. We recommend a broadband connection as the file is 5.85mb in size.

    Requirements for the standard version.

    Company name [i.e. Oblivex, Inc]

    Program name [i.e. Oblivex, Inc Graphics Editor]

    Company logo or button [no bigger than 100x100px and must be static]

    Company website url [i.e.]

    Requirements for the installer+ version. [the same as above including.]

    An optional main splash screen graphic in .bmp form which must be 465px wide and 281px high

    Support url [optional]

    Support phone number [optional]

    Read me file in rich text format, .rtf [optional]


    Please email [email protected] with your paypal email address and desired version so that we can issue a paypal invoice to you. Once payment has been received we will email you back asking for the requirements. Please allow a gateway period of 48 hours so that we can brand the program to your company. Your program version will then be sent via your original ordering email address.
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    Screenshots before I download the trial would be nice.
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