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    Adv links on 6/10PR site


    I run a quality news(medical ) site with around 1500-2000 unique users a day,

    I have 6 PR pages on my site.

    I'm happy to sell links on all pages for $100-150 a month .

    If you're interested don't hesitate to write back and I'll tell you the details, and potential advertisers should have sites based on quality content with at least reasonable design.

    Very best of luck with your site,



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    whats the link?

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    More information please?

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    sorry, for delay.

    2 months ago, we have problems with our hoster.
    now we have a great hoster (non expensive, but credible :-)) and thinking about adv.

    some info about our site:
    Domain History: site was registered around, 2000

    have PR6 and PR5 pages.

    is medical news site

    Traffic Rank from 342,234 -400,000

    uniq visitors per day 1500-1700 (just now)

    Traffic arrives through keywords on the SE's and receives from 1500
    to 1700 visitors a day.

    It has never been advertised.

    some of our keywords (under what in google we are in top10 listing have 4 000- 22000!!! acount by overture tool -

    [as i know our keywords ... it will te best to sell or ~~ diet pills, or any ~~aids, libido increasing drugs or tests ]

    have a huge potential to sell : (btw i can help you to setup any shop or shopping cart to sell drugs, etc)

    any suggestions will be appreciated

    contacts: jove[at]go4[dot]it

    p.s. i'm online now .. so if u want we can discuss your suggestions via any messagner (msn, icq, yahoo, aim)

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    can you post link here ov via pmb

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