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    Jokes website for sale


    Due to other comitments namely my ww2 website, I am struggling to keep this site running and I want to sell it to concentrate on my ww2 site and a new site I have coming out very soon.

    So I will get staight down to it, I am looking for around $300 for it and this is what you get:


    Site contains over 1000 jokes currently and 141 pictures.

    Fully template driven website, the admin panel gives you access to all these functions.


    Admin Home


    Script Management

    Admin Password

    Banner Manager

    Script Settings

    Layout Settings

    Manage Site Images

    Content Channel

    Crontab settings

    Bulk Email


    Validate New Jokes

    Add New Jokes

    Edit/Delete Jokes

    Joke Categories

    Censor Categories


    Validate New Pictures

    Add New Pictures

    Edit/Delete Pictures

    Picture Categories

    First Page Pictures


    Newsletter Categories

    Edit Daily Joke Newsletter

    Newsletter Subscribers

    Multilanguage Support

    Add language

    Delete language

    Edit language

    Edit HTML files

    Edit Email Messages

    Database Management

    Backup Database

    Restore Database

    Update Database

    The site is basically low maintenance and you control everything from colour, joe validation, language, picture management, newsletter and everything else you see above in the menu area.

    It has a google adsence account that has generated the following income which you can keep.

    The site has a complete banner management system so you can easily setup other adverts on the site.

    traffic so far this month is (first column is vistors per day):

    01 Apr 2004 111 252 2015 6.64 MB
    02 Apr 2004 106 349 2060 6.24 MB
    03 Apr 2004 106 513 2407 8.99 MB
    04 Apr 2004 112 231 2235 6.44 MB
    05 Apr 2004 99 182 1886 5.90 MB
    06 Apr 2004 109 426 2576 9.41 MB
    07 Apr 2004 81 140 1569 4.88 MB
    08 Apr 2004 115 284 2138 7.01 MB
    09 Apr 2004 106 678 2420 6.92 MB
    10 Apr 2004 90 306 1728 8.32 MB

    Its a really good site with a lot of potential, I was in the process of setting up a new forum as well (, but as I say other sites and their success have driven me to stay with them. It needs more work but I have done most of it. I have only just opened up new subsriptions for the daily newsletters, so there are no subsribers yet.

    You even get a code box tha allows people to display your daily joke on their site and you can control the content as well.

    If you want verification of all the details please contact me on msn at [email protected] or mail me [email protected]

    Only those that are serious please, I will provide screenshots to confirm traffic, google adsence and so on.


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    Re: Jokes website for sale

    Originally posted by L Wisener
    It has a google adsence account that has generated the following income which you can keep ($<Snipped>):
    Note that making adsense statistics publicly available like that is against the TOS of the Google adsense program, and could lead to your accounts - for any websites you own, being revoked. You may want to edit that post a bit

    good luck with the sale anyway


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    Where does your traffic come from? Im not showing any goodle pr nor any alexa statistics.

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    traffic comes from wherever it comes from I dont really know. there are no traffic generators if thats what your saying, I would not waste the money on them.

    dont know or use google pagerank so cant comment on that.

    Alexa on the otherhand ranks the site at 252,479 which is quite respectable for no advertising at all.

    go here

    I purchased a couple of weeks ago to eventually replace as I preferred, its alexa ranking is around 2.5M buts thats fair for 2 weeks or so.

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    I visit this site @ skewl all the time.

    Was gunan buy it at wdt but u beat me.

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    what is wdt?

    L Wisener - can you PM me your AIM screen name i would like yto talk with you on this, i am very interested in this site

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