A local burlesque club asked if I would put out the word they are looking for advertisers, so here goes:

Visions is offering a unique opportunity for 468x60 banners across the entire website for $20.00/month, or 125x125 banners for $15.00/month. This also includes a complimentary membership to the members only area ($5.99/month), including the live cameras. This will allow you to view your ads in all areas, including members only area. Visions is an adult burlesque club featuring live dancers nightly, with membership to internet viewers. There are 2 live cameras on the dance floor, with more to be added after the new renovations are completed.
You can view your stats thru phpadsmanager. This site gets approx 5000 unique visitors per month. You can get more information at http://www.visionsnightclub.com/banner_ads.htm or email [email protected]