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    * forum web host

    i was wondering if the web host a new forum im part of is a good deal. i dont know much about it so id like some help and this seemed like a great place to go. the site address is in my signature. the ending is i dont know if that helps

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    I don't understand your question, might be my bad English, might be yours.

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    If you are asking if you can host a forum on a web host yes. If you are asking about a particular web host. Always best to call them or do a search here on the forums for the name

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    Also if your host is providing a forum it can be a good deal if they are providing a licenced version of vBulletin. If it is something like invisionboard, ikonboard, phpBB or XMB then those boards are free and would be available to anyone running PHP. You might want to rephrase the question so that we understand it better.
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    If you asking about the quality of the forum at
    then I wouldn't be able to say much. The place looks like it is not very active, so I doubt you'll be able to get much help or find it very interesting. I would say that the forum you are apart of is a "bad deal" then .
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    Might have a hard time finding a host for a "Backup CD Store"
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    Might have a hard time finding a host for a "Backup CD Store"

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    And especially for a site that allows

    Purchase Cds with any files you have a link for
    Like what about licencing and copyright infringements. Or better yet the DMCA.
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