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    I need some nameserver help(I think)

    I use a cable modem which causes me to have a dynamic ip. I signed up for a free domain name and I use a program to update my account with that domain so I can use that domain in my www domain forwarding. The problem I'm running into is I don't want to use forwarding because i need to browse through my webpage using the www domain. I used godaddy as my domain....

    What option do I need to edit so I can browse through my webpage using wwwdomain/index.asp or whateverfile.htm?

    I would have posted the addresses but It won't let me untill i post 5 or more threads, and I don't want to waste space and post usesless posts....


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    You want your home machine with the cable modem to act as wwwyourdomain?

    You need to sign up with somebody who provides dynamic dns service (like dyndns(dot)org), then you can CNAME wwwdomain to your dyndns hostname (;EXTREF)

    Good luck.

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