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    Smile Logo design contest, win free advertising on "Peoples Host Awards"

    In the near future I plan to launch "Peoples Host awards" which is similar to the Webby Awards.

    If you can design me a killer logo I'll advertise your site for free for three months, maybe longer, but you will always be credited for the design on the main page.

    Please attach your logo design to your post in this thread. If you're not a designer I would appreciate your thoughts on the designs attached to this thread to help me make my decision.

    Here's a little info about the "Peoples Host awards":

    Peoples Host awards is not another accreditation site.

    Actual awards will be given to winning hosting companies every three months under different categories.

    Judges will evaluate hosts submitted on the basis of five creative criteria, research on the internet, and customer reviews on WHT and other forums. The five creative criterias are Content, Structure and Navigation, Visual Design/Branding, Functionality, Interactivity. To keep things fair, sites that rate hosts wont be considered in our research when judging hosts.

    Hosts only need to submit once to be eligible to win every three months, but they have to be in business for over a year, and don't offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

    Besides winning awards, our judges will post statements about the winner, a link to the winning sites. Nominees will be listed in alphabetical order.

    Ok, now that you know what it's all about, I'm looking forward to your logos!

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    Not that it makes any real difference, would you like it for print as well as web use?
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    I would also like it for print, it would also be used for the trophy.

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    It's non of my business but you might consider moving this thread to related offers and requests, cause that's where most 'freelancers' hang around looking for these kind of contests.

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    Thread moved.

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