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    Just launched. I'm not a design as such but I had to do it or pay so I chose the former

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    hmm . looks nice !

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    Very nice looking site.

    The header slices loads up choppy. Give that area a blue background so it won't be so obvious.

    I don't like your "Get a Quick Quote" box. I'd much prefer that you have a Get a Quote page with a big text area to write all my details in. I feel like I have to develop tunnel vision for filling in dinky sized text areas. Since you don't lack space, include check boxes on what the customer may want. Most of the time, they don't know, so give them some hints to guide them along.

    Those little graphics in your Latest Client and Live Sales boxes, they don't stretch the full width of the boxes they're in. Either make them wider or make those boxes narrower.
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    i like the simplicity.
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    It looks neat but as always in my comments. Does it give your clients the first impression it is meant for web designing? Most web designer would have a section called"portfolio" and they have the impression that that little thing will make clients understand that it is not a hosting site or any other site.

    But to my opinion, it should not be the case because there are many who are not a frequent internet surfer and don't get the point straight.

    Everything else look cool and neat. Keep it up.

    Hope it helps.


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    Thanks for the feedback guys !

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