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    Streaming Media On A Dedicated Server

    I ran a search but didn't come up with any answers I was looking for so I decided to post.

    I am currently going to upgrade my site to a dedicated server although the company I was going to go through would not allow streaming media from their servers. I thought my only option was to go through a company who deals strickly with streaming media (such as Mediacast1). The only problem would be that this will be costing me an extra $168 on top of the $179 for my server.

    My Question is would it be logical to run about 500mb of on-demand windows media content to 50 concurent listenersthrough a company that allows streaming media on their servers or should I opt for the on-demand space at mediacast1. And what size processors and memory would work best for this, lastly how could I estimate how much bandwidth 50 concurent listeners would eat up monthly.

    Any help would be great .

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    1,901 for calculations.

    Pretty much any dedicated server company will allow streaming media. (I think)

    You wouldn't need many resources, A celeron server would be fine.

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    Thank you for the replys. I did some calculations over at casterclub and came up with the information below. It seems like a lot of bandwidth would be used on top of the bandwidth for the regular website content. Granted there won't be 75 listeners 24/7 but the bandwidth is something to think about, is it not? Sorry for what seems like extremely noob questions but I am one when it comes to streaming media.

    Calculations Complete For 75 listeners at 128 kbps
    Calculations @ 1 Month
    Kilobits = 27,371,520,000
    Kilobytes = 3,421,440,000
    Megabits = 26,103,516
    Megabytes = 3,262,939
    Gigabits = 24,311
    Gigabytes = 3,039

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