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    shared hosting ip's in WHM

    Hi fellas I have a question about WHM. I've just made a reseller account for a friend, and I delegated him one IP address so he can create shared hosting accounts on. However, when he creates a shared hosting account, the IP that's used for that account is the same as mine (main shared ip). How can this be changed?

    Thank you!

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    In your Reseller Center in WHM you need to check the IPs you have granted him access to. There is a drop down box specifically for that. Select the IP that you want him to have access to and that IP(s) will be the ones he can use.

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    on the left click on 'Reseller Center' then go to the one that says:

    'Manage Reseller Main Shared/Ipless Ip'

    In there you choose the IP that you want him to use for shared accounts. Also you don't need to specifically assign him any address inside the 'Manage Reseller Ip Delegation'.

    HTH. Good luck.

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